Can CBD Oil Cause A Positive Drug Test?

There are two types of CBD oil one is medical hemp and other is recreational cannabis, first one contains no THC which is a psychoactive component and later consists of some of combination of CBD and THC. There is this concern which is quite common for the CBD oil users whether the test will come positive if they are using hemp extracts or not, they can be tested anywhere at a work place or alongside road and if it comes positive they have to face legal charges against them and unemployment can be a result.

There are many fears attached with the use of CBD oil but one must wait for the laws to clear misconceptions about Hemp oil before starting the use for medical purposes.

CBD drug test

Mostly traffic police tested you for CBD along with presence of alcohol and they do it alongside road and if test has to be done at a workplace chances are you will know it beforehand so you will be at advantage there.

Elixinol which is a medical hemp is rich in CBD which has no psychoactive effects and no THC is found in this product.many reports are shown where CBD is dramatically changing lives of many patients and their diseases are cured.many cases shows patients coming back to their normal routine life and work life, they start driving and engaging in other physical activities.they were previously disabled and cannot do routine work without difficulty.

It would be a cruel fate if the very medicine which has given them life would come positive in a drug test, resulting in taken away of the liberty and drivers must do proper research before buying any CBD oil product that it has zero THC is it and is bought through authentic source.

Drug tests generally test for the active components in the system of the user and in this case THC is the active component not CBD.CBD has no intoxicating abilities and doesn’t carry any social sitgma.drug tests are designed to test the presence of THC and ecstasy.

There are urine tests, saliva tests and hair and blood test which are done to check the presence of drug but for work place mostly urine tests are conducted because it is difficult to flush THC out of your system as kidneys take time to excrete it completely out of the body.

If you are taking less than 50ng/ml drug test will come negative after 4 to 5 days.but in some cases we have seen test come positive after a month since the last use.CBD has a different molecular structure then THC so it is not possible that test come positive.the world anti-doping agency has removed CBD from the list of prohibited substances.

It is recommended to take less than 1% THC but if you are going to have a drug test try avoiding some states there are products containing small amount of THC and tests never comes positive.You can give this article a read for further information.